This page is dedicated to the chefs and cooks that have been inspirational and formative for me in my evolution in the kitchen. I respect, admire, and would love to have a beer with each and every one of them. Especially Anthony Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain -- I love him and his blog.

Mario Batali -- I didn't know Italian food until I ate at his restaurant Babbo in NYC. Love Mario, love his book Molto Italiano, and love his approach and devotion to the historical importance of Italian cooking. Check out his website.

Michael Chiarello -- I always liked his food and his laid back style to entertaining, but I fell in love with his personality on Top Chef (I'm a sucker for obnoxiously confident Italian men, what can I say!) and his food at his restaurant Bottega. Check out his website and his blog.

Jacques Pepin -- Besides being adorable, he's an increidble resource for all cooking techniques. His book on the such has helped me learn all the basics. I want to meet him some day. Sigh.

Jose Andres -- He's insane. He's a culinary ADD with everything that's right about it. Obviously he does Spanish food very well, but he's incredible with the innovative techniques and ideas. He's the master of deconstruction. Check out his website for more info.

Ina Garten -- She's my Julia Child. She's taught me more about American and French cooking that I can actually do and not have a nervous breakdown making than Julia ever could. Love her. Love her style, love her food, love her approach to entertaining and decorating. Love it all. I love she stopped her career and went into food, not knowing anything (like me!). She completely changed my viewpoint on enertaining and keeps me calm, cool, and collected. Her cookbooks are any home-cook's bible. Get them. All. Now.
Check out her website for more information, tips, and to order her books!