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Friday, November 28, 2008

Because I'm so into food and love talking about restaurants, new recipes, and sharing some of my experiences with cooking and going out, I've decided to create a new blog seperate from A Mishy's Perspective that talks about all things food, all the time.

I've always loved food. Growing up in my family, with big feasts for every holiday and where I was the most popular kid to play with because my mom and grandma would set out a huge spread for an average dinner, I've been around food and the celebration of food for all of my life. It was only recently while in law school, though, when I discovered my passion for it. In the chaotic life of a law student, I found comfort in preparing food and delighted in the celebration of consuming it with Andrew and my friends. It's hard to explain, but I found such comfort in chopping vegetables or stewing a pot of soup for hours and then seeing other people enjoy it. Over the years I started throwing dinner parties and other themed parties (Annual Escobar Family Wine Tasting, Escobar Family Harvest Party, etc.) and this year had the honor of catering my good friend Wendy's house-warming party. To put it simply: I love food.

I'm obsessed with learning more and more about it. I used to watch Foodnetwork religiously (before having two small kids and before, well, it got kinda stupid with all the new people they have on now), and I've been trying out new recipes all the time. I love going out to restaurants and trying new things, and living here in Orange County, being new, I've found some great places but continue to be frustrated with the lack of good cuisine. And I'm frustrated with the unreliable reviews online as well. My friend Maryn has a great blog where she talks about some of her adventures on the OC culinary scene, and it's inspired me to write more about my own adventures.

This blog, therefore, will be dedicated to the discussion of food: culinary adventures, recipes, party ideas and any other food-related discussion.

I hope you will be as excited to read it as I am to write it!

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