Just When I Thought I Had A Good Restaurant...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My heart fell like a two ton block of optimism when I read the latest news, that Chef James Boyce now formerly of Studio at the Montage in Laguna Beach, has resigned his position as executive chef (!!). I wrote my blog about our anniversary tasting menu and was so pleased and excited to have found our Go To Fancy Restaurant in the area, which is like finding the Holy Grail itself when you have two very small children and can't venture out too far for a date.

It's not clear exactly why he left, but it must have been something major. Boyce was semi-finalist this year for the James Beard Foundation award for Best Chef Pacific, that certainly would have brought him and Studio a great deal of publicity and money. Would it be too much for me to hope with my heart of hearts that Boyce is secretly planning to open up his own restaurant in the area that might be devoid of the uber-pretentiousness of The Montage? And that I could truly experience a Boyce Experience without the snarling stares of over-confident I'm Better Than You Because I Clean Toilets At A Five Star Restaurant staff as we make our way down to the restaurant?!

I'm holding steadfast in my optimism, but have a nagging feeling that like most other great chefs, sadly Southern California is not the culinary scene. And I resign myself to the inevitable that for quality food, and I mean true, worth-your-money-overly-priced-truffle-and-caviar-infused-orgasms, I must venture north...way north...to the Bay Area or take advantage of my free ticket on United Airlines and go to NYC.


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