A Return To Serious Food Blogging

Monday, October 26, 2009

A lot of my blogging time is spent on my other blog, A Mishy's Perspective. I promise now that a few things have settled down, I will post more on this food blog and recipe share. I'm also happy to report great positive feedback from people who've checked out this blog, so if you have friends and family that are into food and cooking, please do forward it on to them! My hopes is to build a cooking community where we can all share recipes, learn few things about food, different cultures and celebrations, and just have fun!

Eventually I am going to create a whole independent website for Enchanted Spoon so people can buy the new cookbook. In case you haven't heard, my friend Chandra and I are writing a cookbook on seasonal entertaining -- using seasonal ingredients to create wonderful menus to celebrate holidays, feasts, and the wonders each season have to give us. We're in the "testing recipes" stage now, and hope to have the book out next summer.

Until then, I plan to update this blog more frequently, so check often and pass on the word! And comments and advice on what you'd like to see more of, less of, what topics you'd like discussed or questions answered are always welcome!!

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