My New Favorite Apple

Monday, November 30, 2009

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Have you ever heard of an Arkansas Black Apple? No, it's not something a wicked queen would give a pale, raven-haired chick who likes to hang out with short guys who mine for precious jewels. An Arkansas Black Apple is my new favorite apple.

As the name implies, it's both originally from Arkansas and the color is a deep red that turns almost black.

I think they're beautiful. And they taste even better than they look.

Contrasting this peculiar red skin is a bright yellow-white flesh that is both sweet and slightly tart in flavor. The taste is almost like combining a cherry with an apple. It's amazing.

They are hard to find, as they come into season after mid-October and are not widely grown. The good news is these are extremely hardy and can stay up to 6 months (!!!) if properly refrigerated. So if you find any at your local market, invest in a few bags full. They are amazing on their own as a snack, and I've read yield nicely into pies and applesauces.

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