The Holy Grail In Orange County?? Yes! It's Called The Milk Man!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've actually found the culinary Holy Grail in Orange County. Ironically, a month before we're set to move to Seattle (more on that later), but The Holy Grail nonetheless.

What if I told you that in Orange County, you could have fresh organic produce, organic dairy products, and freshly baked pies and pastries delivered to your door (!) at a discounted rate? Ya, I'd think I was drinking too much lately too. But you can! Really, you can! It's called Rockview Farms!!!

Some dude from Rockview came to my house a few weeks ago and was pitching this Ya Right, Do I Look Like An Idiot message to me about organic this, non-hormone that and I could have it all at my doorstep by the time I wake up once a week. I called his bluff and signed up. And low and behold, a week later, I got my order:

1 gallon of whole for the kids, 1 gallon of 2% for Andrew and me, unsalted butter, whipping cream and cottage cheese in addition to assorted Yolplait yogurts and 2 gallons of apple juice to go along with the freshly squeezed, organic orange juice (!).

And then my fresh, organic veggies:

That would be the sexiest head of cabbage I'd ever seen, a cute little broccoli head, the most beautiful cauliflower that's ever existed (and I hate cauliflower and wanted to dive into that sucker!), lettuce, Swiss chard, fresh organic strawberries, apples, 2 avocados and sugar snap peas (!). In addition to some kickass homemade granola.

And all of this was a fraction of what I'd spend at a grocery store.

The taste? UH-MAY-ZING.

Rockview Farms are located in Tustin, California. They carry everything from milk to cream to juices. You can sign up with just them for dairy products that will be delivered to you once a week at 5:30 in the morning (!) so you literally wake up one day a week to fresh, organic dairy at your doorstep. Or, check out this link for the Rockview products as well as the baked goods and produce. And you can have your own milk man and produce guy too!

Unfortunately they only service Orange County, California so if you're a resident then I highly recommend checking it out and giving them a try. They're a no-minimum obligation; try them once and if you hate it then cancel right then with no penalty. Need it for a month only? No worries. Want to continue for years...great!

I was so inspired by my basket of goodies, all week I've been making foods inspired by and using these ingredients. Stay tuned to see what I come up with!

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Amanda Ebner said...

OMG this is amazing - I used to LIVE in Tustin; I can't believe I never took advantage.