Cookbook Preview: Greek Easter Menu!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm extremely excited to share with you some photographs from the seasonal entertaining cookbook featuring the Easter chapter. Taking a turn from traditional American style Easters, I share with you some of my favorites and the menu I do for my family every year. It's Greek-inspired, featuring lots of the traditions while modernising a few others. It's a perfect feast and just beautiful as you'll see. I hope you enjoy the pictures. You'll have to wait a little longer for the recipes! Enjoy.

traditional red-dyed easter eggs

greeks and most eastern europeans dye the eggs red for easter

spanikopita makes the perfect appetizer!

pascha bread -- traditional yeast bread made for easter; it's eaten first to break the fast after midnight mass

easter soup -- wonderfully nourishing and refreshing, it's often eaten right after the bread after midnight mass and the next day as well during easter sunday

left: roasted leg of lamb with fresh herb crust and roasted asparagus

oven-roasted new potatoes with garlic and fresh herbs

romaine lettuce with a wonderfully flavorful spirng-isnpired scallion-dill dressing

homemade baklava with walnuts -- the perfect sweet way to end a meal
Which is your favorite spanikopita picture? Which food do you want to do first? Stay tuned for more!

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degarrido said...

I'm going to try the spanakopita! Looks fabulous!