Pirate Party!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some pictures from Little Boy's 4th birthday party last month, which was a pirate theme. Unfortunately (a) I didn't have a lot of time to take proper pictures and (b) the lighting SUCKED that day as it was a torential downpour of epic proportions. So much so, the rain rendered our rented bounce house completely and totally useless. Anyways, here are the best shots I can share with you online. Enjoy.
Due to the last minute rain storm, we had to convert our dining room into the "captain's quarters"
and serve most of the food here on our dining table.

I had planned to fly various pirate flags about the backyard; we had to hang them on the porch instead!

Our driveway complete with flag which incicentally is still flying LOL.
Trying to bring in the theme throughout the house.

My sign was originally supposed to stand tall on a table; instead it graced the makeshift
adults drink table!

I used skulls and leftover Mardi Gras beads and dubloons for a lot of the decorations.
The skull clock I found at z gallerie.

Using my gold chargers were perfect serving platters for a lot of the food!

Nothing like a booty of golden popcorn!
I took simple brown paper bags, cut them in half and rolled the tops down to create a more "authentic" bag feel;
then filled with kettle corn, the birthday boy's favorite. Festive stickers added a nice touch.

I totally ripped off these jello ships from pinterest. :)
Simple blue jello poured into plastic cups, then topped with an orange slice "sail" and pirate flag of course!
The kids loved these, and I admit I loved eating them too!

I'm really bummed we didn't get a better picture of the candy table...
Instead of the traditional glass apothecary jars for candy I took wooden chests from the craft store and painted them; then fixed them all with adorned jewels and buckle stickers. I filled each chest with a candy, chocolate coins, cookies, etc. and let the kids help themselves. Simple clear plastic bags were easy to use, and my antique silver tea spoons were perfect for kids to help themselves to the booty!

Instead of just Swedish fish, I found a combination of the traditional red gummy fish and a whole sea themed version including tea horses, shells, and small fish. Use your imagination!

of course we needed to have salt water taffy...

For activities since the bounce house was a big bust, we had to rely on Little Boy's father, i.e. The Captain to lead the kids around the house in a quest for the "buried treasure" -- aka, the pinata. We also had a really lame pin-the-tail type game that was a total bust because the bandana was see-through; I guess it worked out because all of the 4 year olds were winners. :)  
Overall, despite the major last minute changes due to weather we pulled off the party all right. The theme was so much fun, I will definitely be doing it again for future parties. Hopefully in the dead of summer!

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