Candy Corn Vodka!!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Looking for a last minute Halloween cocktail? Make this super easy and yummy Candy Corn Vodka courtesy of one of my dearest friends (and talented bar person)!! It's not too late to squeeze it in for your festivities tonight!

Here's a quick post for you...

Candy Corn Vodka
2 cups candy corn candies
1 bottle of vodka

special equipment: coffee filter or very fine sieve; pitcher or container

Pour the vodka into a saucepan large enough to hold all of it. Heat on medium-low heat until just about to come to a simmer. Be careful here -- we're heating the vodka to make the infusion process faster; if you let the vodka go to boil you're going to boil off all the alcohol and end up with syrup! When teeny tiny bubbles begin to form around the outer edge of the pot -- that's when you know it's ready. Turn off heat immediately and set aside.

Pour the candy corn into a large heat-proof container. A gallon container, very thick pitcher works well...something you usually use to make iced tea or lemonade is fine. Pour the warmed vodka right on top of the candy and give it a quick stir. Let it stand for a few hours. You'll notice the color will change into a super bright, perfect Halloween orange.

Take your serving container or pitcher and place the filter or sieve on top. Slowly pour the infused vodka mixture through the filter/sieve. This will catch any pieces of candy corn. If you like, you can reserve the candy corn to people on the side. Refrigerate the strained final product until well chilled. Use it to make mixed drinks or serve it as a shot as is!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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